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Treating an addiction is certainly a challenge, but it doesn't have to be as hard as it often turns out to be for many people. One of the most basic areas of difficulty with obtaining effective treatment: everything to do with addiction is a mystery to most people. It's common to think of addiction as a strange weakness or moral failing, and of sobriety as a blessing that comes from above, rather than something obtainable through work of a specific kind. If you plan to find quality addiction treatment in Williamsport, either for yourself or a loved one, you should think about going in with a solid grasp of current addiction science. This is your greatest chance at sobriety.

What follows are eight further tips on what you need to do if you are to obtain the best possible treatment and a fair chance at sobriety.

Look for a Quality Rehab

A quality drug and alcohol rehab in Williamsport is not the same thing as an expensive rehab or a luxury rehab. Frequently, top-drawer places that attract celebrities and other rich people have the worst treatment -- they do not follow modern treatment principles. No government organization looks out for you, inspects rehabs and makes sure that they offer quality treatment. There are all kinds of places out there, and you need to put in work.

Not only should you make sure that you go to a drug and alcohol addiction treatment rehab certified either by an accreditation authority like the Joint Commission or CARF, you should make sure that the rehab's claimed success rate actually makes sense. An addict cannot be considered successfully treated unless they manage to stay sober afterwards for at least two years. Claiming success over shorter periods simply doesn't make sense.

Longer Inpatient Programs are More Successful

Most people tend to prefer short, outpatient treatment programs for obvious reasons -- they are cheaper, easier to participate in, and less demanding, overall. These programs, however, also have very little to offer. Not only are they completely unable to offer emotional support, monitoring to ensure compliance, or intensive therapeutic help, they are also not able to treat patients with special needs.

A large number of addicts seeking treatment suffer from mental disorders and physical ailments, or pregnancy. Such complications are exceedingly common, and these can only be adequately addressed when there is time. A 120-day inpatient program should be considered the minimum for effective addiction treatment.

Rehab Should Give You Plenty of One-on-One Therapy

Many inpatient rehabs make promises of all kinds of therapy, only to shortchange patients when it comes time to deliver. Patients find that they get no more than one exclusive individual session of therapy a week. At every good rehab center, however, patients receive three full sessions with the therapist week. Plenty of time with the therapist is a tremendous contributor to a positive outcome.

Rehab Should Encourage Active Participation

Addiction treatment in Williamsport is psychological in nature, primarily, which means that the part of rehab that helps you with therapy is where the greatest progress is made. Therapy is not passive, however; it's active. Any rehab program that doesn't seem to constantly encourage active participation is probably not going to help very much.

As an example of the kind of active participation you may be encouraged to go for, you may be asked to try building and retaining new relationships with sober people, or try building new interests in life. The more fulfilling your life is, the less you will need to turn to drugs.

Specialize in Personalized Care

Evidence-based drug rehab in Williamsport specifically needs requires personalized care -- care where each patient is treated not with some generic treatment program, but with a program built to their specific needs.

Treatment in many drug and alcohol treatment centers tends to be so generic, however, people coming in for drug addiction may be made to sit in on group therapy programs for eating disorders. The best programs will personalize every part of treatment to ensure that relevant program steps are offered at all times.

Look for Both Expertise and Kindness

Just as it may not be obvious to many that therapy is the most important part of rehab, it is often also not obvious to many how important a good, friendly and kind attitude is in every member of a caregiving team. Unfortunately, it isn't possible to take anything for granted. Many rehabs will attempt to cut costs by hiring untrained people, who come in with little expertise and a poor attitude.

Finding quality addiction treatment in Williamsport takes a little patience, and a little research. Put in some work, however, and you will be richly rewarded with an excellent rehab experience. Call now for help (877) 804-1531.

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