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Some people tend to harbor a mistrust of all hospitals, and will stubbornly stay away no matter how ill they may be. Such attitudes tend to be in the minority. When it comes to treating addiction to alcohol, however, such attitudes tend to be common. It isn't willful, however. With addiction, mistrust often stems from the many stories of poor results that addicts tend to hear. They hear about $100,000-a-month programs, programs designed by religious cults, and ones that seem to attract numerous complaints on online forms. If they could find excellent alcohol rehab in Williamsport, they would probably take it up; they have.

Advertisements for alcohol rehab centers often go out with extravagant pictorials of idyllic settings, and promises of a wonderful, spa-like experience and gourmet food. The result of such advertising, often, is that the entire rehab industry is lowered in the eyes of the public. No one sees such advertisements for hospital offering eye surgery or dentistry; why should the drug rehab in Williamsport industry be awash in it?

It's important to understand that the rehab industry is different from regular hospitals — it isn't regulated by the government. This means that while some centers quietly offer genuine, unglamorous, medically valid treatment the way a hospital would, businesses wishing to exploit patients make themselves visible with plenty of advertising, and promises of expensive, outlandish treatment programs such as Tai Chi therapy, ocean therapy and equine therapy in beautiful settings.

If natural settings, closeness to the ocean and playing with animals could help, there would be no addiction in places with beautiful scenery or among animal workers. This is why it's so important to seek guidance from Williamsport Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers so that we can match you with a facility like this.

You can find quality alcohol rehab in Williamsport that helps you get sober with medically valid treatment. You do need to know to look for the right qualities, however. If you make up your mind to look for good treatment at a CARF-approved or Joint Commission-approved rehab, rather than beauty and luxury, you'll see great results, and you won't spend too much in the process.

Look for Programs that Don't Offer Fixed Length Stays

If an alcohol rehab center simply offers 30-day alcohol rehab programs to anyone who asks, it isn't likely to be very good. It indicates a treatment attitude where a one-size-fits-all approach is brought to all patients. It never works.

With alcohol addiction, as with most other kinds of addiction, effective treatment requires a willingness to see each patient as an individual with unique needs, and the ability to devise custom plans from the ground up.

A program of questionable quality, however, will attempt to apply one type of generic treatment plan on everyone. These do not work. They miss important opportunities to help patients, only making patients stressed and miserable. Looking for signs of personalization can help — such as a lack of advertising for fixed-length programs.

It's another good idea to ask about the choices of treatment modality available. A program that only offers 12-step meetings and nothing else, for instance, is obviously a poor idea. Not only is it not endorsed by modern addiction science, most people don't respond to it. Other choices, such as programs based on cognitive-behavioral therapy or motivational interviewing, should be available.

Check for the Mundane Things

How do you find the best alcohol rehab in Williamsport? While it does help to spend time painstakingly determining the kind of scientific attitude that informs programs at each rehab, checking out a few pedestrian details may be quicker.

If the lowest paid staff directly dealing with patients are well-qualified in addiction treatment, it's a good rehab. You should also ask about the qualifications of every addiction counselor at the rehab. A master's degree should be the absolute minimum.

Medically Valid Rehab Tends to Be More Convincing

If getting the addict in your life to cooperate and attend rehab seems difficult, involving them in the process of researching rehabs for medical soundness, can help. When they begin to see that they will only ever need to go to rehab that is considered medically sound, they will see reason. Call Williamsport Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers for help at (877) 804-1531

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